*You must submit electronic copy of your plan.

  1. The winning team must start their business in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
  2. The winning team must use the funds/services within one year from the date of winning the event.
  3. Student based: One or more team member must be (i) a student in good standing at a NEPA college/university and (ii) a member of the management team and minimum 10% equity holder.
  4. Business plans must develop products or services that leverage *technical processes, methods or specialized scientific knowledge to create a competitive advantage. Knowledge-based refers to creation/utilization of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Final qualification determination is reserved for the judging committee.
  5. Final approval of eligibility is reserved for the judging committee.

Cash and in-kind awards will be used for start-up expenses.

*Technology = design, development, manufacture or processes using engineering and science-based methods.  Examples include IT, Biotechnology, Manufacturing.

*Please Note:  There can be NO mention or representation of your college so as not to bias the judges.