It’s been a long journey from idea to Kickstarter Launch for Dimitri Thompson and Kendall Farrell.


A two-time tecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition finalist, T&F products is excited to announce the launch, the Uni-Glide. The Uni-Glide is an automotive maintenance tool designed to clean the undercarriage of any vehicle with use of a standard garden hose. Things like brake lines, mufflers, shocks and the chassis are all vulnerable to decay and deterioration from road salt and other debris, and the Uni-Glide is an easy, simple solution.

Kendall and Dimitri met as members of the Marywood basketball team and had an instant connection.

“It was just natural. We’re both from New York, we both love basketball, we’re both first generation Americans. Us working together was a great fit from the beginning,” said Dimitri.

“I’ve never met two young men with the passion, drive and dedication that Kendall and Dimitri have,” said Director of Entrepreneurship at Marywood University Chris Speicher, Ph.D.

To launch the product, T&F Products has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the capital needed. They’re looking to raise $25,000 by the end of the month to fund the first manufacturing run from North East Plastics, and to market the product.

“Our biggest lesson has been learning on the fly,” Dimitri said. “Going into this, we knew nothing about manufacturing, product development, etc. But we also learned it’s okay not to have the answers right away, but we had the passion to figure them out in order to persevere.

The Kickstarter Campaign ends April 30th – don’t wait – help T&F Products pursue the next chapter of their business vision by joining the cause here.

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