Astronomical LLC: LateSkate

Marywood University

Frank Winger, Mike Neri, and Sarah Liang

The LateSkate provides low cost, safety illumination for longboard commuters. Operated by a mobile app, the LateSkate allows users to choose colors and utilize break and bail lights on their board.

From left: Sarah Liang, Frank Winger, Mike Neri

Members of Astronomical: LateSkate from left – Sarah Liang, Frank Winger, and Mike Neri


My College Roomie

Jason Sensi

My College Roomie is a social network created to simplify the college roommate search for both students and their schools. The system utilizes a proprietary matching algorithm to take the guesswork out of roommate searches. The service will manage every aspect of the roommate selection process.

Jason Sensi - My College Roomie

Founder of My College Roomie, Jason Sensi

Wild Card

Kraken Boardsports

Wilkes University

Mike Grobinski, Dan Lykens, Alex Planer, and Brandon Carey

Kraken is developing winch systems that aim to revolutionize the action sports industry by opening up new venues for participation with a focus on user experience.

From left: Mike Grobinski, Alex Planer, Dan Lykens, Brandon Carey

Kraken members from left – Michael Grobinski, Alex Planer, Dan Lykens, and Brandon Carey